Wednesday, July 28, 2010

cp cheats

walk on paths to walk on paths click on it like you are walking to the next room then click your mail the exist and your on the walk way

to make it look like you are walking on walls buy a igloo then put out some wall items and put them most of the way on the floor then walk on it

machine gun snow balls to do this glitch hold down on the letter t and keep clicking

to tip the ice burg you must all be on one side of the ice burg and it must be full and you all have to jack hammer at the same time it may not work then its not my fault someone else told me this

to walk around wile you are in a game you must go into a game lets say sled racing then click you mail and then you can walk around

two ways to hide and never be found first one go to the dock and go to the right post and go behind it the second one is go to the town and on the right side by the chat bar then you will never be found

go to the book room and go to the puffle book with a black puffle in you hand and the the puffle in the book instead of being blue it will be black

in astro barrier to Skip levels in the begging to get to level 30 hit number 3